World Cup Final 2011 U.S.A vs. Japan Food Delivery Ideas: Go With Beef

The Women’s World Cup soccer 2011 final will be starting in a couple of hours and the game will showcase the best in athletic talent.  Regardless of who wins, the match promises to be exciting and a great opportunity to enjoy food with friends.  Did you get your food order ready for the game?  Try a combination of Japanese and American cuisine from your favorite restaurant.

Focus on beef! Whether you are enjoying a classic steak and potatoes meal or a beef teriyaki dish with miso soup as a starter, today’s game is the perfect time to enjoy a meaty dish. How about doing a combo? Try a beef dish with some sushi on the side with fresh veggies!

beef and sushi

The game starts at 2:00 EST - get your order in now before your favorite restaurant starts watching it too!!

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